Mapula Mokwele

Mapula Mokwele




Bachelor’s Degree in Nature Conservation (Tshwane University of Technology)
NQF Level 5: Develop, Implement and Evaluate a Project Plan (NCC Environmental Services)
Certificate in Apply OHS and Environmental Principles (Future Building Training Consultants)
Certificate in Manage expenditure against a budget (Future Building Training Consultants)

Late Sunday afternoon watching nature documentaries with my dad at a young age, shaped and made me the environmental ambassador I am today.

I have worked in different departments in the environmental sector so I can have the knowledge and experience of the fundamentals in the sector, most importantly to have an impact on concerning issues.
I believe the saving efforts of one species, is the conservation of the whole ecological pyramid and its systems hence I joined the Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project. Knowing that being part of the team in the efforts, dedication, and passion to save the species we are working on conserving a whole ecological system.

I will continue raising the flag for the conservation of iconic species especially the Southern Ground-Hornbill.