Submit your sightings to the national monitoring database

We are responsible for collating all national sighting records in order to conduct the necessary national monitoring needed to assess the status of the population and to know that our conservation actions are indeed working. This is especially relevant for groups that live outside of formally protected areas. With the best possible data, we can then manage for any change in the population due to disease outbreaks, an increase in human persecution, emergence of novel threats, or any other risks.

Please continue to send us any sightings you have in Kruger National Park, but we most urgently need any and all sightings outside of this – the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and along the Limpopo River, and beyond South Africa’s borders too.

Options for submitting your sighting:

1.  You can drop us an email to
2.  You can Whatsapp your sighting details to 079 754 6234.
3.  You can use the BirdLasser app.
4.  You can simply fill out the submission form below.

If you took photographs, please send those through to us too as this allows us to age juveniles, identify the sex of adults, and assess the breeding strength of the group. See our Ground Hornbill ID kit for assistance in aging and sexing individuals.

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This needs to be as accurate as possible, with a clear description included.
Please tell us how accurate you think your sighting is.
GPS Coordinates are preferable (Long, Lat or whatsapp pin to 079 7546234)

You can only upload images in the following format:  .jpg and .png

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Or email your sightings to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.