Heinrich Nel


072 311 8885

Heinrich Nel


Research Technician


FGASA level 1
FGASA Trails guide
Skippers Licence Cat R
ArcGIS 10.2
First aid level 1

Having grown up in Kruger National Park, the bushveld has enchanted me from a young age. I love spending time observing wild-life and animals and I want to make a positive difference to their lives because they bring us happiness. After being in the city for 10 years, my heart was yearning to live and work in the bush again.

This job offered the best opportunity for me to start making a difference and to focus on my passion. We frequently discover new behaviours of these birds that keep me fascinated and motivated. By working for the project and being more involved with the reintroductions of the birds back into the wild, I get first-hand experience of what differences we make in these bird's lives. This is what keeps me motivated, by knowing we can make a difference not just for the birds but for many other people out there.