Our Equipment Wish List

In the process of up-scaling the focus of our work, we are going to be in the field much more and so there is a need for adding to our expedition and research equipment. We, as part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, are very happy with functional second-hand equipment as this reduces the need for new resources to be used for our needs.

General Field & Reintroduction Equipment:

  • Satellite phone
  • 4x4 vehicle x 1
  • Engel 40l Fridge/Freezer for transporting samples
  • Bar fridge for medication and samples
  • 4 cell Maglite Torches x 2
  • Laptop x 1
  • Video recorder x 1 – Canon HF R806 or similar
  • Portable Projector – RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector or similar
  • Teslong NTS200SL 3.5" LCD Inspection Camera 5.5mm Borescope (1m)

For the Baobab – our specialised hand-rearing and captive breeding centre:

  • Microscope x 1
  • LeadCare II Lead analyser x 1
  • Grumbach incubators - compact S 84 x 2
  • Grumbach Intensive care unit x 2
  • Brinsea TLC/Intensive care unit
  • Shipping container for storage