In the process of up-scaling the focus of our work, we are going to be in the field much more and so there is a need for adding to our expedition and research equipment. We, as part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, are quite happy with functional second-hand equipment as this reduces the need for new resources to be purchased for our needs.


1 x 40l Engel Fridge/Freezer

Montecasino Bird Gardens

2 x high-lift jacks Sue and Albie White
1 x roof top tent Montecasino Bird Gardens
2 x sets of canvas seat covers  
4 x plastic ammo boxes for storage Montecasino Bird Gardens (2)
6 x Bushnell camera traps  
4 x sets of surveillance cameras for observations at wild nests  
1 x laser printer Montecasino Bird Gardens
Many Duracell AA and AAA batteries, preferably rechargeable  
2 x First Aid Kits Montecasino Bird Gardens
Binoculars for shepherds Bee Choo Ng
3 x canvas tents (for fieldwork) Sue and Albie White (1)
3 x safari tents (to increase our accommodation capacity at base camp)  
4 x USB memory sticks Montecasino Bird Gardens (2)
1 x directional microphone and digital recorder  
2 x GPS units for field work Montecasino Bird Gardens (1) Tshwane University of Technology (loan)
Building timber for constructing transport boxes for the birds.  
Building materials for the release bomas (gum poles, wire mesh, flight netting, cement)  
3 x solar geysers  
6 x solar panels, control panel and batteries  


You can help us by donating money towards a particular item, or contact us if you would like to purchase something specific on the list, or donate equipment you already have.