If you live in South Africa then this is for you – a free way of helping the Project. The MySchools MyVillage MyPlanet Programme is an initiative that supports charities using a loyalty card scheme. Apply for your card, shop at the following participating partners and they will donate anything from 0.5 – 5% of your spend to us if you nominate us as your beneficiary. Easy. And they will keep you informed on a monthly basis so you can keep track of how much you are helping everytime that you swipe your card.



Support MABULA GROUND HORNBILL PROJECT effortlessly by applying for a  MyVillage MyPlanet card – raise funds without costing you a cent

About MyVillage MyPlanet:

Launched as an extension of the MySchool Fundraising Programme, the MyVillage MyPlanet programme focuses on community upliftment projects and environmental concerns. It allows anyone to raise funds for our organisation without costing them a cent.  

Apply for a MyVillage MyPlanet card today. It is free to you. Swipe your MyVillage MyPlanet card at retailers across the country every time you shop. The store will donate a percentage of your purchase to your selected beneficiary, on your behalf.   Get a card here!

Benefits of having a MyVillage MyPlanet Card:

1.     Raise funds without it costing you a cent!

2.     Receive exclusive discounts from selected partners, such as WRewards at Woolworths & special offers from Altech Nestar. You can find the latest special offers for cardholders here.    

3.     Receive a monthly statement via email showing your transactions and how much your beneficiary has raised.

4.     You can use your card at over 2000 different stores. Find the partner stores in your area here.

Every swipe counts!

Apply for Your MyVillage MyPlanet Card
It's free! Get the card and get swiping to make a difference. Or call 0860 100 445 to apply.

Locate partners in your area
Shop at supporting partners in order to generate funds for your beneficiary.

Contact MyVillage MyPlanet:

E-mail Client Services:
Telephone: 0860 100 445
Fax: 0866 822 833