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Category Authors Year Title Web Link or PDF
Popular Kemp, A.C. & Kemp, M.I. 1974 Don't forget the big birds 1
Scientific Hulley, P. E. & Craig, A.J.F.K.  2007 The status of the Southern Ground-Hornbill in the Grahamstown region, Eastern Cape, South Africa.  2
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Thesis Theron, N. T.  2011 Genetic connectivity, population dynamics and habitat selection of the Southern Ground Hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeateri) in the Limpopo Province. 6
Book Theron, N. & Turner, A.  2008 Ten years on: a re-introduction of Southern Ground Hornbill on Mabula Private Game Reserve in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. 7
Book Bruyns, R.K., Williams, V.L., & Cunningham, A.B.  2013 Finely Ground-Hornbill: The Sale of Bucorvus Cafer in a Traditional Medicine Market in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 8
Book Williams, V.L., Cunningham, A.B., Bruyns, R.K., & Kemp, A.C. 2013 Birds of a Feather: Quantative Assessments of the Diversity of Levels of Threat to Birds Used in African Traditional Medicine.  9
Scientific Abolnik , C., Gerdes, G.H., Kitching, J., Swanepoel, S., Romito, M., & Bisschop, S.P.R.  2008 Characterization of pigeon paramyxoviruses (Newcastle disease virus) isolated in South Africa from 2001 to 2006. 10
Report unknown 1959 Museum collecting report 11
Book Sibley, C.G., & Ahlquist, J.E. 1972 A Comparative study of Egg White Proteins of Non-Passerine Birds. 12
Book Dubois 1884 Revue Critique des Oiseaux 13
Scientific Delpot, W., Ferguson, J.W.H., & Bloomer, P. 2002 Characterization and Evolution of the Mitochondrial DNA Control Region in Hornbills (Bucerotiformes) 14
Book Elliot, D.G. 1882 A Monograph of the Bucerotidre or Family of the Hornbills. 15
Scientific Sammler, S., Havenstein, K., & Tiedemann, R. 2012 Fourteen new microsatellite markers for the Visayan tarictic hornbill (Penelopides panini) and their cross-species applicability among other endangered Philippine hornbills. 16
Scientific Msimanga, A. 2004 Breeding biology of Southern Ground Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri in Zimbabwe: impact of human activities  17
Thesis Spear, D. 2005 Dealing with socially complex species in population viability analysis: a case study of the cooperatively-breeding southern ground hornbill, Bucorvus leadbeateri. 18
Scientific Trail, P.W.  2007 African hornbills: keystone species threatened by habitat loss, hunting and international trade.  19
Report Coetzee, H.C., & Van Rensburg - Culture versus Conservation: A Case Study of the Southern Ground Hornbill 20
Scientific Viseshakul, N., Charoennitikul, W, Kitamura, S., Kemp. A.C., Thong-Aree, S., Surapunpitak, Y., Poonswad, P., & Ponglikitmongkol, M. 2011 A phylogeny of frugivorous hornbills linked to the evolution of Indian plants within Asian rainforests. 21
Thesis Wilson, G. 2010 What causes variation in the reproductive performance of groups of Southern Ground-Hornbills Bucorvus leadbeateri? 22
Popular Magwizi, B. 2000 Ground Hornbill family accompanied by two juveniles 23
Book Kemp, A.C. 2004  Southern Ground Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri 24
Newsletter Kemp, A.C.  2001 The economic potential of birds 25
Scientific Kemp, A. C.  2000 The sustainable utilisation of birds. 26
Scientific Kemp, A.C. & Begg, K.S.  1996 Nest sites of the Southern Ground Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, and conservation implications.  27
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Popular Chiweshe, N. 1994 A comparison of Ground Hornbill, Bucorvus leadbeateri, group sizes between protected areas, commercial farmers and communal lands of Zimbabwe 29
Scientific Vernon, C.J. 1986 The Ground Hornbill at the southern extremity of its range 30
Conf. Proceedings Kemp, A.C.  1974 Factors affecting the onset of breeding in African hornbills.  31
Scientific Kemp, A.C. , Begg, K.S. , Benn, G.A. & P.Chadwick  1997 A visual assessment of vegetation structure for the Kruger National Park 32
Scientific Kemp, A.C., Benn, G.A. and Begg, K.S.  1998 Geographical analysis of vegetation structure and sightings of four large bird species in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.  33
Popular Mundy, P.J. 2000 What a shame - Ground Hornbill shot 34
Popular Nevill, H. 1984 Some birds in Xhosa folklore 35
Scientific Martin, G.R., & Coetzee, H.C.    2004 Visual fields in hornbills:precision-grasping and sunshades 36
Popular Mclachlan, G.R.  1969 Camp Followers 37
Popular Fraser, W. 1982 Feeding associations of Carmine Bee-eaters with other animals  38
Book Kemp, A.C. 1995 The Hornbills Bucerotiformes  39
Popular Uys, C.J. 1986 Birds of road lay-bys, picnic spots and rest camps 40
Conf. Proceedings Kemp, A. C., Kemp, M. I. & Turner, A.  2007 What has become of eggs and chicks of Southern Ground Hornbills harvested from the Kruger National Park?  41
Popular Bennun, L.  1992 Murderous Ground Hornbills 42
Scientific Demey, R. et al 2000 Abyssinian Ground Hornbill 43
Scientific Chingo, V. et al 2000 Interesting Bird Observations at Matetsi 44
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Popular Kemp, A.C. 1994 Ground Hornbills, the genus Bucorvus 47
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Popular Kemp, A.C. 1991 The Hornbills of the Eastern Cape 51
Scientific Kemp, A.C. 1980 The importance of the Kruger National Park for bird conservation in the RSA 52
To be established Kemp, A.C. - The conservation biology of African Hornbills 53
Popular Vernon, C.  1984 Ground Hornbills and the Drought  54
To be established Kemp, A.C.  1999 Southern Ground Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri 55
Popular Hyam.D.  - Ground Hornbills eat hairy caterpillars  56
Popular Kemp, A. C.  1987 Ground Hornbills under pressure in South Africa.  57
Scientific Kemp, A.C. 1975 The duration of natural treehole nests 58
To be established Kemp, A.C. & M.I. Kemp - Conservation biology of the Southern Ground Hornbill 59
Popular Whittail, E. 1969 Birdlore 60
Popular unknown 1998 The ground hornbill 61
Scientific Coulson, I.M.& A. Hailey 2001 Low survival rate and high predtion in the African hingeback tortoise Kinixys spekii 62
Scientific Kemp, A.C. and Kemp, M.I.  1991 Timing of egglaying by Southern Ground Hornbills Bucorvus leadbeateri in the central Kruger National Park, South Africa.  63
Scientific O'Toole, L. , Fielding. A.H. & P.F. Haworth 2002 Re-introduction of the golden eagle into the Republic of Ireland 64
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Conf. Proceedings unknown 2002 IUCN technical guidelines on the management of ex situ populations for conservation 68
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Thesis Knight, G.  1990  A preliminary investigation into the status, distribution and some aspects of the foraging ecology of the Southern Ground Hornbill  70
Scientific Armstrong, A.J. & J. Juritz 1996 Prediction of cooperative breeding by terrestrial bird species in South Africa  71
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To be established Turner, A. 2004 The Ground Hornbill Project Reintroductions  74
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Popular Kemp, A.C. 1994 Rain or food-trigger breeding? 78
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Popular Kemp, A. C.  1996 Hammer of the Savanna.  80
Conf. Proceedings Kemp, A.C. 1988 The behavioural ecology of the Southern Ground Hornbill: are competitive offspring at a premium? 81
To be established Kemp, A.C. 2005 Southern Ground Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri 82
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Newsletter Masibo, J. 1999 Ground hornbill kills puff adder 152
Newsletter Mbithi, J.  1999 Ground hornbill catches fish 153
Newsletter Owino, S.  1999 Ground hombills scavenge from wildebeest carcass. 154
Newsletter Roche, C. 1999 Interesting birds observationsat Ngala 155
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Popular Anonymous  2007 Conservation/Bewaring 173
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Popular Turner, A. 2007 Meet the Stormbirds 175
Popular Williams, A. 2007 Antics of the honeyguide 176
Popular Endangered Wildlife Trust - Southern Ground Hornbill - Fact and Identification sheet 177
Popular ? - Instrotech goes green 178
Popular Howcroft, D. - Engineers@leisure 179
Popular World Organisation of zoos and Aquaruims 2007 Dwindling Habitat, declining numbers- Hornbills (Bucorvus Leadbeateri) 180
Popular Breedlove, B. 2007 No to half-baked habitats. 181
To be established Turner, A. 2007 The Mabula Southern Ground Hornbill Conservation Project. 182
Report Turner, A. 2006 Information for the EAZA conference in madrid - About the Mabula ground hornbill research & conservation project in the limpopo province of south africa 183
Popular Anonymous  2006 Help search for Southern Ground Hornbill material 184
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Newsletter Turner, A. 2004 The ground hornbill project 192
Popular Toft, R. 2004 Distinctly reptilian 193
To be established Anonymous  - Free at last 194
Popular Anonymous  - Valentynsdans by squirrels 195
To be established Endangered Wildlife Trust 2004 Ground Hornbill damage undone 196
To be established Anonymous  2004 No routine job 197
Popular Anonymous  2004 Haenertsburg environmental page 198
Popular Montcrief, J. 2003 Ground Hornbill Alert. 199
Popular Webber, J.  2003 Changes at the ground hornbill project 200
Popular Anonymous  2003 Saving the ground hornbill. 201
Popular Hnatowicz, L. 2003 Photo 202
Popular Anonymous  2002 Keep a look out for two ground hornbills 203
Popular Anonymous  2002 Hornbills Gain Territory 204
Popular Coetzee, H. C.  2002 ‘Oxpecker’ ground hornbills 205
Popular Turner, A. 2002 The Southern Ground Hornbill. 206
Popular Feris, MA. - Ground Breaking efforts to save honrbills from extinction. 207
Popular Hunter, V. 2002 The Thunder Bird 208
Popular Anonymous  2001 The Hornbills are booming 209
Popular Hamann, H. 2001 Retired Granny sets up project to save SA bird from extinction 210
Popular Anonymous  2001 New life for doomed chicks in Mabula Ground Hornbill Project. 211
Popular Hamann, H. 2001 A Teacher and Protector of ground hornbills 212
Popular Hamann, H. 2001 Love- Foster dad fusses like a mother hen. 213
Popular Anonymous  2001 A home for the hapless hornbill. 214
Popular Anonymous  2000 The green trust endorses Mabulas ground hornbill project 215
Newsletter McCormick, H. 2000 Reproduction of an imprinted Southern Ground Hornbill at Tracy Aviary 216
Newsletter Anonymous  1995 Ses jong bromvoels van Pta, Dbn na reservaat. 217
Popular Senior Warden - Malolotja's ground hornbills 218
Popular Kirstein, M. 1994 Die Abel-kuiken word behoorlik bedrieg... 219
Popular Anonymous  1986 Tattooing a feathery sort of bird. 220
Popular Tucker, J. 1985 It's Audubon again. 221
Popular Andrews, T., & Kemp, L. 2013 Supa Quick Bela-Bela takes conservation seriously. 222
Popular Kemp, L. 2012 In a crowded world finding space for southern ground hornbills. 223
Popular Anonymous 2011 What's new at the Tygerberg Zoo? 224
Popular Foss, K. 2011 Chicks get a hand to avert their extinction. 225
Popular Labuschagne, L. 2011 Span by Mabula hou vlerk oor bromvoels. 226
Popular Crookes, A. 2010 Mabula Magic 227
Popular Clark, A. 2010 Hornbill tortoise attack. 228
Popular Anonymous 2009 Vodacom Foundation helps save the Southern Ground Hornbill. 229
Popular Anonymous 2009 The Ground Hornbill's critictal walk to freedom. 230
Popular WWF/Green Trust - South Africa 2009 Success for Mabula Ground-Hornbill Conservation Project Recorded on New DVD. 231
Popular Cilliers, S. 2009 SA bromvoel-kuiken maak geskiedenis. 232
Popular Bega, S. 2009 He's not fully fledged, but in Baby Jac there's hope for hornbills. 233
Popular Lemmer, N. 2009 Bid to save rare birds. 234
Popular Lemmer, N. 2009 Rare birds get help to survive. 235
Newsletter Mike & Audrey? 2009 A Baby is Born & One is Saved. 236
Popular Steyn, A,J. 2008 Wife-incarceration: To keep her safe and sound. 237
Popular De Bruin, G. 2008 Bromvoels kap nuwe voertuig vol duike 237
Popular Anonymous 2008 Keep the Hornbill flying. 238
Popular Marshall, L. 2008 Attack of the ground hornbills. 239
Popular Anonymous 2008 Hoogs bedreigde spesies: Die Bronvoel. 240
Popular Bega, S. 2008 New hope for the hornbills 241
Popular Staff reporter 2012 Breeding pair new hope for hornbills. 242

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