All of the threats to this species are, either directly or indirectly, caused by humans. This means that changing perceptions and creating awareness of the plight of this species is the first step in their conservation. There are several common misperceptions including that because many birds are seen in the Kruger National Park that the population is still healthy in South Africa. The education programme consists of four targeted campaigns for:
Educators: Age 3 – 5
Explorers: Age 5 – 7
Experimenters: Age 7 – 11
Conservationists: Age 12 – 18
These include complete teaching guidelines and all the activities. These can be used as a complete package or mixed-and –matched to suite the learners needs. There is also an A4 pamphlet with activities that are a fun introduction to the birds and some of the their interesting facts.


Click on links below for education programmes

Complete education & awareness booklet
Introduction and rationale for this campaign
Educators pack
Explorer pack
Experimenters pack
Conservationists pack
Single page booklet


Margret Seemesi enjoying her learning experience of the Ground Hornbill.  Join her and colour in your own copy of the Ground Hornbill, simply click on the image below to print or save to your computer.


Making the conservationists of tomorrow - check out this link - http://kasiandmtani.wordpress.com/  - this is a very nice initiative way of kids getting a fuller understanding of science and conservation using real-time data.