Would you like to make a contributing donation or join us as a corporate sponsor?


There are several ways you can help us raise enough funds to continue supporting and expanding this Project.


Click the donate tab  Donate Now   this will take you to a secure on-line donation site where you can specify what sector of our work you would like to support from the list below:



General Project Costs: this is the most valuable type of sponsorship as this covers the non-sexy but fundamental costs of salaries, servicing our vehicles, buying fuel and keeping us in the field as much as possible.


Awareness and Education: your contribution allows us to reach more people at each release site, so protecting the newly reintroduced hornbills, in addition to general awareness campaigns.


Sponsor nest boxes: your contribution will allow us to install artificial nest logs/boxes at each release site to ensure that the birds have a good place to breed.


Sponsor releases: your contribution will allow us to ensure that our releases run as smoothly as possible, enabling us to manage, track and monitor the birds properly in their new environment, build good, strong and safe release bomas, and it will also allow us to research new release sites.


Sponsor harvest and hand-rearing: your contribution will assist us to harvest the redundant second-hatched chicks as safely as possible and then allow us to ensure that they get the best care possible until they fledge.


Sponsor a shepherd: your contribution will allow us to train the shepherds well that will protect the naïve new releases, and it will contribute to their uniform and equipment costs, and also their salaries if this is not already sponsored by the release site.


Wishlist: select an item from our wish list to buy.


*Note that online donation site, GivenGain, levies an administration fee of 5% on your donation – if you would like to ensure that your full donation reaches us then please contact us for our banking details.